Preserving a building, enhancing a place

May 10, 2021

Georgia State University is planning a $30 million renovation of the Bell buildings on Auburn Avenue in downtown Atlanta, which were slated for demolition a few years ago. They would have been replaced with a parking lot.

The Board of Regents is scheduled to review plans to renovate the “Bell Buildings” into a new headquarters for the National Institute for Student Success at its May 11 meeting.

Plans call for the buildings to be significantly renovated for adaptive reuse.

Thanks to all who helped with this effort!!

Georgia State University owns the long-empty Bell Building and, in 2015, planned to demolish it. We believed they should preserve it instead.

Take a look at the resolution on the Bell Building that was introduced to Atlanta City Council on 9/8/2015, which we helped draft.

Bell Building rendering

A rendering of what the Bell Building could look like after adaptive reuse!

The Bell Building in the news